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Tazalure Pitch Bible

Draft #1 Breakdown of an original animated series

Half-hour Drama Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Animation

Logline: When a group of ancient humans awaken to a world of alien colonizers in the far future, they must travel the land, in search a way to prevent their world’s upcoming demise.

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Helio's Horizon (2019)


When his homeland is threatened by an unforeseen force, a young sunflower must, fight against all odds to save his village.

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Still from '2Bros Podcast' animation
Early concept art for 'GIRL' from Kaleidoscope Feathers (2018)
A WIP digital painting comssion

Animation Work

Most Recent:

Listed is the most recent productions I have worked on as an animator.

This is a great space to update your audience with information about your video or clip. Give them specific details like what it’s about, where and when it was filmed, and who created, directed, and is featured in it.

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Gabrielle Johnson Crawford

Producer | Animator | Screenwriter

Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you’ll find examples of my work in many different areas, as well as my own independent, amazing projects.
A few of the projects I am working on are still in preliminary stages of production, while some other student films are under certain licensing laws preventing publication. Please refer to the links below for updates and further details.

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Limbs (2017)

Three strangers seek emotional closure by releasing their burdens onto a mannequin.

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Personal Origins:

Finding the Story

Gabrielle N Johnson-Crawford was born in Philadephia in the late 90s. She spent the majority of her childhood in the epicenter of northeastern culture, within the tri-state area. Bringing many of her Philly, New York and Jersey-based aesthetics and ideologies with her, she set out to college in Winston-Salem, NC at UNC School of the Arts. After a few years of embracing the southern film scene, Gabrielle is now based in Charlotte, NC, where she is continuing her education in graphic design, animation and game art.

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"Nothing will work, unless you do."

Maya Angelou

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