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Artistic Resume

Student Film Productions

When you’ve been in the entertainment industry for a while, you learn a couple of things that teach you how to do things better the next time around. I’ve listed all my past experiences here so that you can see for yourself why I’m the right choice for your next project. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, or you want a reference from one of my satisfied clients, feel free to contact me.

Tin Man


(11 min.) Casting Assistant

A young father-to-be struggles to overcome his grief and fear of becoming a father and specifically his father.

The Patient

May 2017

(15 min.) Production Coordinator

Dr. Whitmoore is a closeted homosexual, who studies and performs aversion therapy in order to ultimately find a cure for himself. However, his attachment and attraction to his new African American patient puts his reputation in jeopardy. His admiration for the patient's ability to be himself intensifies his own internal self loathing. Internal conflicts and societal pressures soon become too much for Whitmoore, who then gives in to conformity; betraying the patient and himself.



(7 min.) Producer

Three people seek emotional closure by releasing their burdens onto a mannequin.



(10 min.) Production Assistant

A young man uses a found toy to travel back in time to correct his mistakes, creating the perfect New Year's Eve date.

Lords of New York


(21 min.) Producer; 1st Assistant Director

A dysfunctional group of misguided college graduates are taken in by God in an attempt to turn their lives around.

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May 2018 

(3 min.) Producer

Two prehistoric critters team up to survive an incoming apocalypse.

Mercury on Fifth

May 2018

(4 min.) Producer

Two estranged lovers reunite for a faithful conversation. 

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May 2018

(15 min.) Unit Production Manager

A young boy bonds with his estranged relative in the wake of a tragedy. 

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